Twitter Launches New ‘Instant Follow’ Button for Websites

Twitter, the Social Media Giants, have this week launched a brand new way for you to increase your own following with a new ‘Follow’ button for websites. If you’re logged into Twitter and you click the new button then you will automatically add the Twitter account to your follow list.

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According to the official Twitter Blog, 50 websites have already added the new ‘Follow’ button including Fox News, The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal and

It is thought that this will make it easier for you to follow and interact with the people and brands that are of most interest to you. You will be able to instantly add the Twitter account to your follow list at the time of interest, rather than the conscious act of adding to your list of followers at a later time.

Standing in the shoes of the publisher or website owner for one second, the power of a single click follow is, I suppose, yet to be measured. This is a brand new social media marketing feature, however making the steps easier for you to gain a greater web presence surely can’t be a bad thing.

Twitter have published clear instructions on how to implement this into your own website and twitter is keen to see this throughout the Net. We will son implement into both the main website and the blog, we’ll keep you informed of the results.

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