Twitter’s New Look

Twitter Change Look

When I say new look, what I actually mean is ‘Twitters Newest Look’. The web designers at Twitter are kept busy with their fair share of updates, improvements and changes throughout their social media website
In amongst the most recent set of changes includes a change in the ‘Twitter Blue’, from bright & light to a more metallic & dust blue. The homepage has also been given a much cleaner and crisper look, displaying now a simple bar to display the most popular users. The ‘Signup section’ is now much clearer and has been made a lot easier for New user to clearly map what they need to do to create an account.
While I personally quite like the changes they are all visual changes but I would say that the biggest change of all is the language & user journey change.
Twitter now moving away from ‘what’s going on’ (asking you for input to tell others) seems to have now changed focus to ‘Follow your interests’ (giving you an insight into those that you follow). Now worded as ‘Follow your interests: Instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world.’
It is subtle and while many will notice the visual change, will miss the very clever way that twitter is changing the way it asks us to communicate and potentially the reasons for the shift in the market it is now aiming for?
So a shift in the market place for Twitter? Maybe?

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