Two in Five Companies Have Success with Social Media Marketing

Two in five companies have said that they ‘have successfully used social networks to find and acquire new customers.’ The information comes to light from research by Regus Global. The survey confirms that, wherever they are in the world, companies are using, and having success with, social media marketing.

It is very quickly becoming clear that social media marketing is becoming a mainstream tool for customer acquisition, customer retention, information sourcing and creation and management of customer groups and even monitoring of trends in special interest groups. The survey highlights that there still exists a hardcore of ‘social media sceptics’, but with a growing number of companies throughout the world actively doing business through social networks it seems they are quickly becoming a small minority.

Over 15,000 business respondents from the Regus global contacts database were interviewed during the study

What is social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is using free online social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace along with blogs and press releases and social bookmarking at sites such as digg, reddit and delicious. These activities are aimed at promoting your business or organisation to a huge online community or audience that uses any of these tools. If a targeted strategy is put in place and executed correctly then this can be a very powerful way of generating interest and buzz for your business or organisation.

Are you one of Three Yet to Profit?

If two in five currently successfully use social media marketing, then there are three in five businesses that currently are either not using social media marketing or they are not having any success with it.

Social Media Marketing can be used with any number of objectives in mind and can be used to,

  • Generate New Leads
  • Convert More Sales
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Increase Brand Authority
  • Product Development
  • Customer Services
  • Drive Traffic to Your Main Website

All of these objectives are attained by using a different approach to traditional offline or online marketing, which means that Social Media Marketing can entirely compliment your marketing plan. Social Media Marketing aims to have a genuine two way, authentic conversation and never a marketing or sales conversation. The journey should always be dictated by the customer with hopefully the opportunity to leave content or share brand experience.

If you have yet to profit from Social Media Marketing then feel free to call Sarah at Rake Mark, a Social Media Marketing Company in Stafford, West Midlands on 01785 256 222 to discuss how we could help you with your social media marketing campaign. Alternatively you can email with any questions or queries.

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