UK government’s website Frozen!

It seems that no one is totally safe from the worlds Spammers! Not even the UK’s Government Websites.

A blog article post yesterday on the Opening up government blog explains why they have had to close comments due to the high volume of spam.

The Opening up government website is (for those who don’t already know) a relatively new website that is thought to help keep people more informed and increase understanding of how the government works, why policies are made and is said to promote a ‘transparent Government’.

Yesterday the decision was made to freeze comment activity after heavy spamming and “nonsensical text broken up by links to web shops selling clothes were appearing all over the website”.

According to their recent blog article “After a long analysis of the spam in our site, we have a strong feeling that human intervention is also at play”

While Antonio Acuna, head of the project states that spamming software is in place has also admitted that the software they have in place is mainly to stop computer based spamming and that measures will now be taken to counter the human based element.

The site urges us to report ANY post we feel is spam in the future to help them keep the website a spam free zone

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  1. Fin Owen
    4th November 2012 at 11:12 pm

    Government website knackered, what a surprise

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