UK MoD Launch ‘Think Before You Share’ Social Media Safety Campaign

The risks of sharing personal information of social media websites is being highlighted in a new campaign launched today by the UK Ministry of Defence. Videos launched on the ministry’s YouTube channel are being used to raise awareness.

The campaign comes with new guidance for personnel and their families when sharing information via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and warns of the risks of releasing too much information.

In the video a proud Mum receives information about a V VIP coming to his forward operating base the next day. The Mum then shares this information to the world via her Facebook status and then sharing a cuppa with a man in a balaclava.

In case you didn’t get the point, the video ends with the message, ‘It may not just be your friends and family reading your status updates.’

Social media is a vital lifeline for service personnel. Major General John Lorimer, an MoD spokesman said, “Social media has enabled our personnel to stay in touch with their families and their friends no matter where they are in the world.”

“We do not want to scare Service personnel, families and veterans and we certainly do not want them to stop using social media.” he says

Regardless of its usefulness, the message of the campaign is clear. Be careful what you share when using social media.

Major General John Lorimer said, “You don’t always know who else is watching in cyberspace.”

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