Web Design Tips for Presenting Text on Your Web Page

There are thousands of articles on writing copy for websites and ten times that number that discuss the various aspects of the art of web design, but very few zero on in on best practise for laying text out on your web page and marrying that to your web design. How you display your text on your web page can be as important as what text to put on your web page and is an important element of web design.

This group of tweets mostly discusses best practice for presenting your text on the page. Some of the tweets talk more specifically about which are the best words to write (the skill of copywriting) but this article is going to concentrate on the presentation of text within your website design over which text to write.

The Web Design Tips Tweets

Web Design Tip 37: Break up paragraphs of text with bullet points Large blocks of text look daunting when your users land on your web page

Web Design Tip 38: Relevant photographs can also help to break up blocks of text and give a visual clue to a visitor when they land.

Breaking up blocks of text on your page makes it look more appealing to your website’s visitors. When you land on a web page you generally skim before you read. You want to make sure that this is the right web page before you put your time into it (given the billions of webpages out there, there’s a chance that this is not the web page for you).

Bullet points not only make the page look a bit more friendly but also allow your users to latch on to section of relevant text and digest it quickly. If it is what they were hoping for then there is a better chance they will take the time to read the rest of the information on your website.

Pictures also break up a page and gives a visual clue that the visitor is in the right place during that valuable ‘first eight seconds’ when your website visitor decides if they are in the right place or not.

Breaking up Paragraphs on Your Wesite

Web Design Tip 39: Use Bold Text on the pages keywords. This gives a quick visual clue to the visitor and it breaks up blocks of text

Web Design Tip 40: In Text Links work in the same way as bold text but they lead away to relevant supporting pages

Re Web Design Tip 40: Again, search engines take your link as a clue to the nature of your page and the one you’re linking too

Re Web Design Tip 40: Bold text and in text links all make up the rich tapestry of visitor experience & SEO

Bold Text in a paragraph helps words that are key to the theme of the page stand out and offer another all important quick clue to the visitor as they arrive on your web page. Bold text also gives a clue to search engines. This tip can only be used very sparingly though. Short phrases and only once or twice throughout the page.

In text links can be used a little more liberally than bold text. Links will firstly stand out and, assuming the text you are using for your link is relevant to the theme of your web page, will give another important clue to you and Google.

Bear in mind that links need to link to something (duh!) and may take the user away from your page. Ideally you will be linking to another page on your own website that will give the user an opportunity to find out more about a specific topic.

Also remember that all links form a new branch in the path of a customer’s journey and we want all journeys to end with a sale or a contact.

Quiet Week in Staffordshire Next Week

The Staffordshire Web Design Team are taking a break next week, so the tips will be taking a break too but there will hopefully be another tips article. If not we will have to redouble our efforts the week after. Bear with us, its been a busy couple of weeks and even web designers need to cool their jets and recharge their batteries (if I may mix my metaphors there a bit)

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  1. Sweetman
    5th November 2012 at 11:05 am

    three good reasons to use bold text in your website design

  2. Spence
    5th November 2012 at 6:41 pm

    Nice tips, following you on twitter

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