Web Marketing has best Quarter on Record

According to a Survey by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) the latest figures show that Web Marketing & Interactive Advertising has just achieved the best first quarter on record. Those included in the survey, report that their web marketing efforts had brought in somewhere in the region of 15% more based on the same period last year.

It isn’t uncommon for the first quarter of the year to be somewhat sluggish after the splurges of the festive and holiday seasons. Typically both business to business and business to consumer show a decline which in the past has had a knock on effect on willingness of businesses to either continue at the same rate of invest further into their web marketing efforts.

Social Media WorkingThis increase is great news and a positive reminder that our marketing efforts should remain consistent and that we as business owners should resist the urge to cut back on our marketing efforts in order to save money as attracting new customers and standing out from the crowd is what business is all about. So while your competitors and cutting back and fading into the background use this time to stand tall and be noticed.

Web Marketing is a critical element for any business that is looking to impact positively within their industry. With multiple, accessible channels available to both large and small companies, increasing content and authority on the web is something that should become a “must” for all businesses.

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    31st October 2012 at 5:33 pm

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