Website Design Costs Come Into Question

Hopping Mad Design, a website design company in Australia, has published a news article that asks a question that many customers want an answer to. They’re asking, ‘What is a fair price for Web Design?’ Unfortunately, Hopping Mad’s news article doesn’t really answer the fair price question they ask and reading their article may leave you with more questions than answers. This leaves me with an opportunity to attempt to answer this question myself.

Different Website Design Models

As Hopping Mad Website Design say, most website design companies seem to follow one of two different models.

Firstly there are companies that offer a fixed price website design package. These companies often use a fixed template design give you a few templates to pick from. Prices will often start at around £295 for one or more pages. Prices then increase if you want more pages, contact forms and the like. These packages are ideal for companies with low fixed budgets or companies that are concerned about the price creeping up as their project goes on.

One really common gotcha with some packages is that they have very high annual fees. Rake Mark don’t use templates for their website design packages and they only charge their standard hosting fees as an annual cost. In many cases, you can host your Rake Mark website with a different provider if you wish.

Secondly, there are website design companies that offer bespoke website design. The term bespoke comes from the tailors of old who used the term bespoke to mean something made to the buyers specification, something ‘Tailor Made’ rather than something that was mass produced.  These companies will often take time to understand your business a bit better and then make the website to fit in with your business objectives, but then will naturally charge higher fees.

A Fairer Way for Website Design Pricing?

Rake Mark doesn’t follow any one pricing model. We offer both of these website design services and a blend of them.

We offer website design packages with a fixed price that starts at £495. These packages are ideal for smaller companies who need to get started and build later as they are extensible and can be added to or adapted to your needs over time. We don’t use template design and there is only the hosting cost at renewal time.

Rake Mark also offer bespoke website design if your needs don’t fit with the packages we offer. You may need your website to email your customers or store and answer customer questions, for example. Your website might need to respond to an action using by sending out text messages or you may want something that is genuinely unique. We have been commissioned for many projects like this.

There is also a middle ground, the bespoke package. A contradiction in terms it seems (and that phrasing probably is) but we do work with a high number of customers who want a package but with a small change. We can usually offer a fixed price for these customers as well.

So, What is a Fair Price for Website Design

There are two sides to the ‘fair price’ question which some website design companies don’t seem to appreciate. There is the wed designers’ side, but there is also the customers’ side. The past couple of years have not been easy for the businesses of this country and Rake Mark has kept their prices fixed throughout the downturn at £29.00 per hour.

Is £29.00 per hour a fair price for website design services? Rake Mark has set their prices with two goals in mind.
Firstly we want to offer the best deal to all of our customers that we possibly can.

In contrast to that, we have a duty to our existing customers’ to remain in business in order to continue to support them. So we must to charge enough so that we can continue to build a strong and successful business so we don’t suddenly disappear and leave our existing customers high and dry.

One final thought is that £29.00 is less that my local car mechanic charges and we never jack up the price half way through or try to pad out costs. The final decision is with you, the customer, but we believe we offer great value for money.

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