Website Developer’s Friday Fun: Interesting Qualifications

Cricket Fun

Well we’ve been busy working on Website Design Projects all week at the offices in Stafford, so I think for my Friday blog its time for some fun. Now I know this doesn’t really relate to a blog from a Website Design Company, but I thought a fun post would be a good to unwind ready for the weekend (and make a change from the Friday Rant!)

I’m a big cricket fan but rarely get chance to watch games on TV, due to work and family commitments, but I do follow the live text and commentary on the BBC more often. On most days a really juvenile discussion breaks out from nowhere and during yesterdays live text commentary someone mentioned that Geoffrey Boycott had received an honorary degree and this lead to a spate of degree related gags, the best of which are below.

“I studied washing machines at university – came out with 30 degrees.”

“Re: Washing machine degrees – many years ago when I studied Washing Machines it was 40 degrees. How standards have dropped.”

“Re. washing machine degrees – I’ve got a PhD in them, I’m a spin doctor.”

A guy called Charlie said, “I graduated with a washing machine degree last year, but with the credit crunch and lack of graduate jobs, I feel like I’ve been hung out to dry a bit.”

To which someone replied, “Sorry to hear about that Charlie, but don’t worry, I hear these things go in cycles…”

Incidentally, I hear he [Morgan – an England Batsman] did his degree in ballet, but he only got a tutu.”

I did my degree in lift engineering, not a bad three years, had its ups and downs…”

And finally, my personal favourite,
I’ve just finished my MSc in Sandpaper Studies. Big subject that – after a whole year I’d only really scratched the surface.”

Have a good Weekend,

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