Website SEO Boost for 2011!

Is your website getting searched as well as it should be?

Almost everyone is familiar with the term SEO and if you’re not it simply stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. The very basics of SEO and organic (or natural) listings are inexpensive and most website design and development companies should implement as standard but if they have not been, their absence will have a dramatic effect on the effectiveness of indexing (searchable content) on your website.

Start your 2011 Business Marketing Strategy with a online boost and get the basics spot on!


Here are 5 totally free SEO tips from our very own SEO checklist to get you well on the way to organic listing heights.

1. Page Title – Use clear keyword rich content for your Page Title. Avoid using the same title in more than one page and try to use this space to entice the user as it will appear as a hyperlink in the search engine results page. Perhaps something along the lines of ‘Web Design Services in Stafford – Rake Mark Solutions’, this is to cover search terms such as Web Design Staffordshire. This is prime Web page real-estate that is often overlooked and not used to its full potential.

2. Meta Data – sits between the <head></head> tags on your website. Meta tags are used for Content, Description, keywords etc. Now these tags have taken a bashing over the years with some web bods saying “no need to use them as Google doesn’t look at them anymore” while others say “always use them”. I’m recommending that you DO use them and the reason for this is that within Google’s Webmaster Tools it clearly lists your keywords, from your website so Google does know that they are there and does look at them, how much weighting they hold is an “unknown” but the facts remain, Google is still looking at them!

3. Clean Code – As web developers through and through we talk about ‘Tags’ as part of our everyday language knowing that all around us will understand, so let me firstly apologies for that, and secondly explain a  little. Tags form the structure of your webpage (before it is displayed in your browser) its format is <head></head> or <body></body>. Anything that has an opening (<body>) tag MUST be closed with a closing (</body>) tag. This helps the Brower, which at the end of the day is just a machine, read your web pages, known’s where a section starts and ends and can correctly index the content of your webpage so that it can be ranked in the listings page. If the code is rough, unfinished or poorly written, while it might render (display in the browser) as expected the search engines will struggle to index your web pages correctly.

4. Header Tags – Use Header tags <h1></h1> (Not forgetting to close your tag) to define page organizational structure and simplify page navigation. Header tags go from H1 – H6 priority, use 1 as highest header priority. Text within these tags is indexed and given a greater weighting over standard <p></p> (paragraph) tag text. Use them wisely, they will serve you well.

5. Rich Keywords for content – Over the years there has been tips and tricks and big money to be made if you have the correct combination of SEO cheats – not anymore. Google (and other search engines) reward relevant content … Simple, not tricks, no gimmicks.

Google expects to see your keywords in the first paragraph (so put them in there), It also expects to see references/variations of your chosen keywords through-out your page. However more is not always better. Google expect the keywords density to be maybe 1.5-2% of your keyword within a section of text which could raise your ranking, however don’t keyword stuff, Google will punish you and your effort will be in vein.

So starting with the top of the page and Page Title, moving to Meta Data, Clean well structured XHTML code, Include your Header tags and then fill you web page with keyword rich juicy content, you should be in great shape.

  3 comments for “Website SEO Boost for 2011!

  1. 24th February 2011 at 1:42 pm

    Nice information. really Meta tags are very important in every page. You can Get best result from Google if you are using meta tags.

  2. admin
    24th February 2011 at 5:24 pm

    Deecoup, Totally agree! It is often unclear to what weight meta data is given in the whole scheme of SEO and page rank but what we do know is that Google DOES look at Meta Data and DOES know if Meta Data is on the page or not, we just need to use Googles’s own Webmaster Tools to see that!

    Thanks for the comment — Sarah

  3. WSO
    12th February 2012 at 2:09 pm

    Very nice post, great info about web design. In any case I’ll be subscribing on your rss feed and I hope you write once more very soon!.

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