What is the Best Day for Marketing Emails?

If you are collecting emails on your website and then sending out marketing newsletters to customers who sign up then you might be wondering what is the best day to send out your newsletter for maximum impact. If you are communicating mostly with businesses then Friday night is probably not a good idea, or is it?

Fortunately there is some research into when the best time for marketing emails is from eROI and their survey gave the following results,

Business to Business Marketing E-Mails – Preferred Day for Receipt
36% Tuesday
33% Monday
15% Wednesday
7% Friday
5% Thursday
3% Sunday
1% Saturday

Business to Consumer Marketing E-Mails – Preferred Day for Receipt
31% Friday
26% Thursday
22% Tuesday
20% Monday
19% Thursday
16% Saturday
11% Sunday

Should Your Website Be Sending Marketing Emails on Monday

The report does only discuss customer preference rather than effectiveness of campaigns and this is a crucial point. What a customer wants is important, of course, but what is successful is key. I would definitely consider doing your own sampling and split testing to determine what is best for your business and for each email marketing campaign. 

I do find it a bit strange to find many customers wanting emails on a Monday. I usually find so much hitting my desk on a Monday that I rarely have time for coffee, never mind a marketing email or newsletter, so I think that these figures are interesting, but you need to do split testing and see what works best for your business.

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