What the Tweet are you Tweeple Tweeting about?

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#FollowFriday, @rakemark, RT Me, Follow Us on Twitter- Confused? You’re not alone

Now there is not many of us that don’t know what Twitter is, but how many of us just
get totally confused or maybe even frustrated using the Social Media Marketing tool
that seems to self spawn words and rules faster than most can keep up with – quite
a few if the questions we get are anything to go by.

Twitter itself is becoming a bigger part of our lives almost on a daily basis.
This micro-blogging phenomenon has captured some of us on a personal level but has
also evolved into a business social media marketing tool and whether we choose to
tell the whole world what we ate for breakfast or not we are being asked to use
twitter in the work place and we need to get to grips with the basics.


Ok Twitter is the tool/website platform we use, but the text that we write into our
140 character limited box is called a Tweet.


When you set up your Twitter Account you will have 0 Followers and will be
Following 0 people. Twitter only kind of works if you change this as soon as
you get your account set-up so the idea being, you follow people that you
find interesting or informative and people follow you for the same reasons.
This cycle is self perpetuating especially if you advertise yourself with a
‘Follow us on Twitter’ Strap line on your website.

RT or ReTweet

So you have say 100 followers and you can see everything that they Tweet – some
Tweets just won’t interest you but others may totally inspire you and your need
to spread the good word and this is where RT or ReTweet comes in.

The RT button within twitter will create a new Tweet (in your account and display
it on your tweets) but tag the original Tweet Writer in there. Now your
followers can see the original tweet and may well choose the follow them as well.
So it’s not difficult to see how this activity virally spreads and snowballs.


You will often see a # within someone’s tweet – this is very simply a way in
which to tag a tweet to a certain topic or activity and makes searching for this topic
within the website much easier. #followfriday is a popular one !


One of those self spawned words I was talking about – simply means people that use Twitter.

I hope that this has given you at least the basics. Please let us know if there is any
topic that you would like us to blog about and we would be happy to oblige.

Happy Tweeting Tweeple! Don’t forget to RT this post 🙂
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