Yahoo! Closing SEO Site Explorer Webmaster Tools Webmaster Tools

Yahoo has announced that it will close its Yahoo Site Explorer Webmaster Tools later this year in an official blog post. It will direct webmasters to Microsoft’s Bing SEO tools.
The move comes as part of the Bing and Yahoo Search Alliance, which is commically being dubbed Bing-hoo! and is part of Yahoo!’s ongoing transition to Microsoft’s search platform.
The blog states, “The Bing Webmaster Center team has been actively adding new features over the past few months.” adding “Microsoft is also committed to building analytic reports that include Yahoo! Search.”
Yahoo said there was little value in keeping Site Explorer running, given that Bing’s Webmaster Centre will provide analytics for both Bing and Yahoo! search.

Former Giants are Junior Partners

Yahoo and Microsoft are unbelieveably almost junior partners in the Facebook vs Google online battle and it is looking more and more like Google against the rest.
Philip Brassington, a director at Stafford Web Design Firm belives that many companies involved in search and web services seem to be grouping together to create a stand, possibly a last stand, against Google.
“It really is time for old rivals to put aside their differences and circle the wagons to defend against Google.” he says.
Facebook’s central role in partnerships that loosly involves Microsoft, Skype and Yahoo! shows how seriously they take the threat from Google+ even though it is still in limited beta.
Mr Brassington continued, “Facebook is the big boy with over 750 million users, but it still feels threatened by Google’s new offering, even though Google’s previous efforts at social media have flopped”

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  1. Savage
    28th April 2012 at 3:06 pm

    Hi there,

    Sad day when I hear about this, good to hear your take on Yahpp closing their tool set. Like your website,

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