Social Media

Social Media and Online Business Marketing is a continuously growing sector of the Web Design industry. Keeping up and staying ahead of you competitors is often last on the list of your priorities, however having a good social community is often where you can really gain that competitive edge!

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Set up, Branding and Management

Getting set up and on the right path isn’t always straight forward. Let Rake Mark take the headache out of getting you out of the starting blocks and on the road to Social Media Success.

Web Design Services Staffordshire

Micro-Websites & Business Blogs

Microsite’s, single product websites and blogging is a fantastic way to focus your efforts on a single product, range or service. Every page full of SEO rich content just waiting to be searched and ranked by the search engines while also driving traffic to your main brand.

Web Design Services Staffordshire

Website Measuring and Marketing

ROI (Return on Investment) is at the for front of every businesses marketing strategy. Analytics’s with weekly reports with tailored plans for improvement.

So, you still have questions?

Most people do, but Rake Mark Web Design are here to keep things simple and we’re ready to answer your questions, either by email at enquiries[dot], our contact form or just give us a call on 01785 256 222 and we are always happy to answer any questions.
If you’re ready to go ahead and order then please call us on 01785 256 222 and we can capture your website design requirements and get started. We’ll have your website online and working hard in a flash.