Micro Websites

Using Micro-Website’s (Simply Known as Microsite’s) to highlight and ‘Micro’ focus in on a specific product or service in a very effect way of marketing in a narrow channel . Using a concentrated website subject to market your product or service creates a keyword orientated website and subject matter, which as we know search engines LOVE.

For example if we sold ‘Pink Spotty Wellington Boots’ by creating a Keyword Rich URL of “www.pinkspottywellingtonboots.co.uk” and the filled the pages with SEO rich text and information about ‘Pink Spotty Wellington Boots’ it would be difficult NOT to make those pages really relevant in search terms.

A very small website that has a very specific purpose, with very specific goals …..  to raise the profile of your product, make it stand clear above your competitors and increase sales.

Down to the Business of Blogging

At Rake Mark we are committed to providing GREAT website services and products that offer value for money and choice. Which is why if all you need from us is set up of your business blog quickly and cheaply and then leave you too it, then that’s what we’ll do, however if you want a full on tailored business branding service we have that covered as well. From as little as £200.00 +vat you can be up and running.

Happy to do the Heavy Lifting

Rake Mark Offer an article (both News and Blog ) and content copy writing service. We work with several copy writing experts to produce Rich SEO Content specifically for your product or service. Getting your website live and on the World Wide Web for the world to see is phase 1 of building a solid web presence,  but a bit trickier is Phase 2 —  keeping your website copy and content relative, informative and up-to date. .

Let Us help by keeping your News articles rolling and blog posts punchy and quirky with some additional marketing and copy writing.

So, you still have questions?

Most people do, but Rake Mark Web Design are here to keep things simple and we’re ready to answer your questions, either by email at enquiries[dot]rakemark.com, our contact form or just give us a call on 01785 256 222 and we are always happy to answer any questions.
If you’re ready to go ahead and order then please call us on 01785 256 222 and we can capture your Social Media Management requirements and get started. We’ll have your website & Social Media online and working hard in a flash.