About Us

Rake Mark Solutions was formed by Phil and myself in 2006. We had both graduated with Honours Degrees from Staffordshire University and gone to work for different companies with youthful enthusiasm and innocent idealism. Our hopes of helping companies make the best use of the web were soon dashed.

Each website development company I worked for over the years seemed to consider only the bottom line of each project regardless of what was best for the client, the end user or the web as a whole. Some were better than others but none of them seemed to really care much beyond the profit a client could bring. This lack of empathy for the paying client, a simple lack of willing to go the extra mile, was the driving force behind setting up Rake Mark.

We started from our dining room at our home in Stafford, Staffordshire with nothing but a couple of computers and an idea. The original company name choice, Sapientia Media (which is Latin for wisdom), was found to be naive as other companies around the world had already set up similar companies using this name so we changed our name to Rake Mark.

The dining room soon became too crowded and we moved Rake Mark to offices at St Albans House on the north side of Stafford, which is still our business home today. Our accountant advised us to incorporate the business and due to rapid growth, we also became VAT Registered.

Our continued growth, even through downturn, recession and then the hardest, slowest ‘recovery’ in living memory is, I believe, attributed to the simple maxim I run this business by.

Mission Statement bit

“I will only create quality web sites within the internet community and help all the businesses I can, offering a fair, clear and affordable service.I have a duty to make a profit, but that is not in conflict with helping businesses make the best of the web.”

I guess that’s my “mission statement and company values and business objectives” all rolled up in two sentences.

Over the years, we have seen website design companies come and some go, but we just keep building websites, incorporating new innovations and trends as they come along, making the web a better, more effective place for business, one website at a time.

Wishing you luck with your online ventures.

Sarah Brassington – Managing Director