Monthly Archives: March 2010

Social Media website Twitter reveal Monetization Plan

The business world has long been aware of social media website Twitter and the power it can have for getting their message across to consumers. Currently showing as having 1,572,302 followers Dell or @DellOutlet is a prime example of big corporations utilizing…

Beware of Those Offering a Google First Page Guarantee

The dreaded Google First Page Guarantee. I have to get into this a few times a year with different customers and occasionally with the firms offering this guarantee on behalf of a customer. However, I do find that the Google First Page Guarantee is such a sham that it is actually a really good way of working out the scam artists early on. If they offer you a guarantee then scratch them from your list of companies that you want to work with, because with Search Engine Optimisation there are no guarantees.

Access to the Web is a Fundamental Right

A new BBC survey of more than 27,000 adults in 26 countries has found that access to the internet and the web has strong support as a fundamental right. When asked if the internet should be a fundamental right, 50%…