Analyzing Social Media

Monitoring Social Media

According to Nielsen, worldwide usage of Social Media Networking, such as Facebook, twitter, blogs etc is up 82% on the same period last year and with many companies adopting and enhancing their existing marketing strategies this is set to rise even further.

According to a study by in 2009  over 80% of professional usage of Social Media goes un-measured. Although Social Media Usage in the Business Sector has been around for some time, the requirement for consistent and continued ROI (Return on Investment) figures form such marketing methods means that anything you invest time into needs to prove its worth and have its performance measured.

Monitoring Software such as Google Analytics is free to use and is key to providing the data you need to build an accurate picture of your Social Media foothold in the marketplace. Date such as:

  • Traffic Sources
  • Network
  • Interaction

… Can be the difference between a tumble weed blog and a credible source that users come back to time and time again.

Monitor your Social Media

The most important thing to remember is to measure your Social Media Activity for your company. Monitoring Software will provide a mountain of data, but is only useful if you are collecting relevant data that you can turn into useful information and fits with your SMMS (Social Media Marketing Strategy).

Monitoring Area Ideas to help you get started

  • Track your referrals – this will give you an indication of tandem or child feeds that are working well and those that you either need to allocate more recourses or drop from your SMMS.
  • SMID (Social Media Interaction Duration) – It may be prudent to analysis the amount of time that your visitors and lingering on your site. This might help you build a picture of your visitors interests.
  • Bounce Rate – are your visitors leaving within a couple of seconds? Perhaps your page isn’t clear; your copy may need changing or may need more interest adding.
  • Interaction – are your articles getting comments? What are the comments and are you responding to them?
  • Membership – are your followers, subscribers or members increasing? If not why not?

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