Google Buys PittPatt: Giant Continues Its Tech Acquisition March

Google is buying up so much tech real estate that its barely making the media. Today it is being widely reported that Google has acquired Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition, known affectionately as PittPatt, making this its sixth tech acquisition just in the last couple of months.
The ‘Pitter Patter’ of Google’s gigantic feet barely registers as it moves below the mainstream media radar and into the morally murky realm of facial recognition software.
PittPatt was founded in 2004 based on research that was started by a group who began their facial recognition work at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh USA. The software’s aim and design is to recognise faces in images and video and then tag them virtually.
Facebook received widespread criticism when it launched an auto-tagging facial recognition into its own platform due to privacy concerns. Google has previously stated that it does not intend to introduce this software into its own Google+ platform. The PittPatt website states that, “Joining Google is the next thrilling step in a journey that began with research at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute in the 1990s and continued with the launching of Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition (PittPatt) in 2004. We’ve worked hard to advance the research and technology in many important ways and have seen our technology come to life in some very interesting products.”
Although there is no clear indication from Google what it plans to do with the company it will fit in with many of its products like YouTube and Picsa, but its most likely to feature in its latest offering Google+ . It is the implications of implementation into the Google+ platform that have cause many commentators to ask if this move into  are concerned by the move facial recognition software, or tagging as it is known is a u-turn on Google’s original ‘Do No Harm’ mantra.
Media reports claim Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment adding to the cloud of concern.

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