Mozilla Firefox Release Version 4


Available in more than 80 languages on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, Mozilla Firefox is certainly making all the right moves to be a real player in the Browser Market Share.

The new release claims to be not only up to 6 times faster than previous versions but has also updated and improved existing features and added some new ones to boot!
‘Worried about online security? We’ve got your back’ is the chosen strapline for their new Browser Privacy Settings with the promise of instantly noticeable performance enhancements for faster start-up times, rapid graphics rendering and improved website page load speed. Millions have already downloaded Mozilla Firefox Version 4 – if you want to take a look it here
Sarah Brassington, from Rake Mark Website Solutions, explains that faster website page loading speeds can only improve the user experience, ‘We often have to advise against ‘Heavy’ elements of a client’s ideal web design and find alternative faster loading options, due to the speed at which it will be rendered. A faster browser will potentially give us a little more leeway on what we put on the page and will certainly improve the user experience overall’

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