Use Social Media Networking to Monitor Your Reputation

Gain Reputation through Social Media Networking

Ok, well your reading this article so I am guessing that you already know how important your reputation is and in almost all cases a good reputation is pivotal to long term business success. Building a solid reputation in the business world is rarely something that just falls in your lap, it takes direction and discipline. But one thing you can be sure of is that you do have reputation, deliberate or otherwise – but how much do you actually know about yours?

If you’ve nurtured and guided your reputation from the start then you will probably have a pretty good idea of how your reputation is shaping up. However it never hurts to check from time to time with perhaps a feedback survey. Enter, stage left, Social Media Networking.

Use the tools that your customers are already using. The Social Media Giant Facebook broke the 24million user mark just in the UK earlier this year. Meaning that a large percentage of potential customers are already using the Social Networking website that you could be tapping into and utilising fully with perhaps a specific targeted FBML page or a free tool with Facebook to generate a Poll to gain feedback on what your customers really think of you.

Benchmark Your Reputation

If however you have let your reputation evolve by accident rather than by design you may want to start on the path of firstly finding out what people think of you and secondly whether or not you’re happy with the reputation that you have and now know about.

Obtaining feedback from your customers (those you have already dealt with) is a relatively straight forward process. Present your customer with a feedback form when they next pay an invoice, if they return the form give them 5% off their invoice – simple!

If you’re trying to find out what non customers think about you (and you may have to consider that their thought on your reputation is the reason they are a non customer) you are going to have try somewhat harder. As many have said before me “make ’em an offer they can’t refuse”. Identify a niche need in your target and offer to fulfil that need where the prize has a significantly larger value to them than the price (whatever that may be).

Good luck.

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