Using the AIDA Four Step Web Copy Writing Process

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Writing Your Web Copy Can be Fun, Honest

When I was writing my first web tips article on copy writing it started to get a bit long, so I decided to take my own advice and split it into two articles, so this is a bit like ‘Writing Compelling Web Copy – Part Deux’ (or part three if you count the five quick tips from Friday)

This is really the foundation stone of writing copy so not really a web tip, but if your new to copy writing then this really is my take on the starting point.

The generally accepted four step process to writing good copy can be expressed using AIDA, or in its long form, Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

You only get one chance to make a first impression and your headline is where you can do this. Use attention grabbing headlines, pose tough questions or make bold promises, but grab the readers attention.

Now you have their attention, build interest their interest in what you are selling. Focus on benefits rather than features. If your not sure what I mean, then remember that your reader will ask, ‘why should I care?’ or ‘how does that help me?’. Answer that question then they are more likely to respond.

Build a genuine need or desire for the product by painting a picture of how this can help. Use real life examples to really bring the product to life and help the reader visualise themselves feeling great using your products or services.

You’ve done it, whatever it is your selling, their buying, but you need to tell them to buy, however ‘Call this number now’ doesn’t always do it. Try to use compelling language that makes it easy for the reader to say yes and difficult to say no.

Writing a compelling call to action is an article in itself, but do not overlook the need to ask them for the business.

Remember AIDA when weaving compelling words to help your customers visualise themselves using your products and services to solve their problems.

Most web designers in Staffordshire and across the UK will make an additional charge and no one knows your business like you, so roll up your sleeve and get writing you copy for your new website.

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  1. Arthur Dias
    2nd November 2012 at 5:19 am

    Thanks for this and your other copywriting articles, a great help

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