Web Design Tips: Adding Engaging Content

In my last web design tips article I talked about ensuring that your adding fresh new content to your website. The case for adding content on a regular basis is compelling.

Without wanting to repeat myself, regularly adding content helps with your creditability, increases dwell time on your site and also Google loves it. So you need to regularly add content to your website.

In this article I’m going to discuss different types of content and give some tips on using it to engage your visitors.

Types of Website Content and How to Use It

When I’m talking about content I simply mean the stuff you fill your pages with, be it text based information about your products and services, videos, podcasts or articles. As I have said before, your website design images are also classed as content but images aren’t relevant in the context of this article.

Product and Service Information Pages
The same as in the last article, I’m starting with the most important and most overlooked area, so take note. Your product and service pages are your website’s bread and butter and are so often overlooked.

In an age when a conversation can consist of 160 character tweets and facebook status updates, when so much importance is put upon social media it is really easy to overlook what is really important.

The most important content on your site tells your visitors about your products and services and more importantly, how they will help them, solve their problems. Essentially, why they need you and your product range.

Web Tip 1: Go to your product and service pages right now and check that the benefits (not the features) of your products are completely clear.


Podcasting is a twist on video content. It’s a piece of audio, spoken voice or musical, that your visitor can either stream and listen to via your website or download and then listen to it on their computer or on an an iPod or other MP3 player.

I’m not a huge fan of podcasts, but that is probably because I don’t ever really listen to them. Personally I would never sit down and just listen to the radio but I do sit down and watch telly, so for me, I think that video will bring you greater rewards than podcasting.

Web Tip 2: Experiment with podcasting. This can add a new dimension to your website content.


Web Design needs interesting ContentEveryone has heard of YouTube and the millions of videos it hosts. Your probably also aware that YouTube is owned by Google and that Google now lists YouTube videos on its results pages. For this reason alone, creating some interesting video content that promoted your business is a good idea.

What you may not be so familiar with, and this is really powerful, is the trend towards using YouTube as a search engine. If you want to learn about the American Civil War for example, you could Google it, get a Wiki page on it and read about it. But if your thirteen then why read when you can watch a four minute video that gives you all you need?

Web Tip 3: A Video that goes Viral will be watched by millions of people. Make your videos informative and inventive for maximum effect.

News and Blogging

Once you have your products and service descriptions pages up and exciting your customers, then this is really where it’s at, especially as far as getting regular content onto your website is concerned.

Writing a blog is the ultimate way to demonstrate your superior knowledge in your chosen field. Whether that field is Web Design, Gardening, Stamp Collecting or xxx writing a regular blog is a great way to add content and continue on your journey of web success.

I want to cover writing news articles and press releases in another article and I think that good blogging should also have its own article as well, so keep your eyes peeled for those in the not too distant future.

We use these tips for our customers when we are creating their websites at Rake Mark web design, Staffordshire. They really work and you can put them to good use without any real cost on your own website, that’s the beauty of the web design tips series.

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  1. Scoob
    9th January 2012 at 11:19 am

    Content is king

  2. benny
    22nd February 2012 at 11:42 am

    Google loves lots of new content, but podcasts?

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