Website Design Update: SagePay Listens

After SagePay updated their system and the My SagePay website design over the weekend there was a huge amount of (mostly negative) feedback on blogs, twitter and the SagePay website. This negative commentary continues but an email was sent yesterday and it seems SagePay are listening.

Choice of Web Systems

SagePay have announced that you will soon be able to select which system you want to use, either the old system (known affectionately as myoldskool) or the new My SagePay interface. With all the current issues surrounding the new web interface I would imagine that there will be a lot reverting back to the old interface.

Time To Jump Ship, or Just Change Interface

So if we need to change back to the old interface (which is not actually fully functional) is it time to change Web Gateway Provider? Many who are shouting about it in the blogosphere would have you believe that they are going to do just that. Namely leave SagePay and hop skip and a jump across to WorldPay. There not, of course, because anyone who has set up a payment gateway knows that nothing is that simple. So I don’t think it’s true and even if it was, its a knee jerk reaction and a mistake.

This is not a time to make a sudden decision, or mistake or a costly move. I have used WorldPay and have customers who do. I’m not convinced that WorldPay is the way forward. Remember there is a reason we started using SagePay in the first place. Time will tell, and maybe SagePay will have to go and WorldPay or others will come back into play, but I think that they need to be given a chance to get their act together and start giving us that great reliable service we have come to depend on.

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