Website Marketing Basics Series

Website Marketing Basics It has long been known that a standalone website that was last updated 12 months ago isn’t enough to keep you ahead of the game; however it doesn’t take much to get you ‘web ahead’ of most of your competitors and .

We have named this group of articles ‘ Web Marketing Basics’ but don’t be mistaken that doesn’t mean at the end of the series all your website marketing dreams and goals will be met, more like over the next 6 weeks of articles we will help you to set long term plans and goals to make your website more of an effective marketing tool.

So over the next 6 weeks we shall publish on our main website blog (yes free for all to see) methods and tools that will assist you and your Website masters to update and manage your Content Managed Website more effectively as a whole rather than sporadic updates that won’t help your long term website presence or help you achieve your website goals.

Keep an eye out for the updates for these on the rake mark Facebook page,  we will be launching the first in the series next week.

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