Marketing and Measuring

Quality results from your website takes time and effort. We will help you put in place Website Marketing Strategies that get Results.

Blogging and Articles

Building relevant, good quality content for blog and news articles is an excellent way to build importance within the search engine ranking system. We can guild you through the process or Manage your blog and news articles completely but either way, Content is King…… and just in case we didn’t stress that enough … Content IS King.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to engage and communicate with your clients and potential clients.
HTML targeted campaigns are easy to send, simple to target and offer great activity statistical data so you can see what elements of the email your recipient has interacted with.

Press Releases

Along with writing articles and news stories on your own website, writing articles and publishing them on a press release website will get you even more coverage. We can write your article, send it to you for approval and we manage the rest.
Used in conjunction with a landing page this is a really powerful technique for casting your net a little further.

Bespoke Landing Pages

Bespoke website landing pages are a very effective way to direct your marketing efforts to a single location within your website. Hidden from the usual channels and not navigable through the main menu structure we can very quickly build up a picture to how effective your marketing efforts are being and ways in which to make them even more effective.

Does your Website Measure Up?

Rake Mark Web Design  - Measured Results

Rake Mark Web Design – Measured Results

So you’ve got your website and you’re sending emails, writing blogs and tweeting like a mad man. How do you know if you website is working hard enough for you?

Measuring the results of traffic driven to your website is key to it’s success or the success of what your selling via your website that is. Google Analytics’s is a fantastic tool to measure who’s looking at what and when. Sending out a Press release for example is great but who clicked through to the landing page you included, what keywords triggered your user to click on the link? When building a dominant, effective and powerful web presence this data will help you in your task.

All of our websites come with basic Google Analytics’s but with the advanced features you can make your website sing with user interaction data.

Got some questions?

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